Me (& Sam and Ellie)

Sam and Ellie I'm currently living in Austin, Texas, but I grew up in a small town in Western Nebraska. I got hooked on electronics at a young age with the help of my dad. My tech love started with video games: first playing them, then trying to hack them, and finally trying to build them. I found a career in something similar - solving the puzzle that is software. In the day you can find me at your local coffee shop checking r/all on Reddit. I spend my nights checking out the latest JavaScript news and throwing together a new "Hello, World!" application with the newest tech. I have an amazing girlfriend fiancée, Sam, and a crazy cute puppy, Ellie.

My work

I'm a full-stack JavaScript with experience in NodeJS and React. I love solving consumers' problems and building e-commerce solutions.


I am currently employed at Leafly, where my team and I are building out an e-commerce experience for the Leafly shopper. Stay tuned for a late 2019, early 2020 launch.

At the end of my time at Spreetail, I helped build out Spreetail is donating 20 meals per Husker offensive yard this football season, and this site is driving that campaign. Stronger than hunger

I was previously at Spreetail, where I helped hire a team of amazing engineers, designers, and product owners. Together, we build a great e-commerce experience in a few short months. Spreetail has since stopped investing in their business-to-consumer channels.

I built an API that a large portion of the Dashr apps and websites rely on. Early in the company's life, I helped the founders (who happen to be very good friends) with some early technical decisions. Dashr is still growing and I'm proud to say I assisted in getting it off the ground. People all around the world are using these products to measure athletic performance.