First things first, here's the link to the Spotify playlist.

Techmeme Ride Home

This is my go-to podcast for keeping up with all tech news. The host's goal for the podcast is to serve as TLDR as a service. The podcast provides great insight with very little time investment. The title says it perfectly - listen to this one on your drive home to feel up-to-date and ambitious when you pull into your driveway.

The Indie Hackers Podcast

This podcast is aimed at software developers who want to build a small business with little to no outside funding. The host, Courtland, interviews people all along their journey to entrepenuership. Check out two of my favorite episodes below:

Sahil Lavingia

Sahil is one of my favorite founders. This episode was one of the motivators to me writing a post about why I hadn't told people about my struggle with cancer. Below are some of my quick takeaways from this great episode.

Harry Dry

Harry Dry founded Marketing Examples and quickly grew it to over 5,000 email subscribers. Compared to Sahil, he's in the early innings of his indie hacker journey. The examples on his website are really well done and worth a read.


Naval's tweetstorm on "How to Get Rich" was amazing. It is distilled knowledge into short bite-sized tweets. The podcast version of the tweets is hours and hours of Nivi and Naval riffing on the tweets, edited dramatically for density. It's unlikely you will encounter another podcast with as much insight per word. I listened to the episode so many times, I wrote a post on it.